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Why Integra for outsourcing bookkeeping?

Here are the 4 reasons why you should trust Integra

Flexible options

  • Hourly price or fixed price options to suit your need
  • Flexibility to start small and slowly build up or start with a team
  • You specify the way you want us to work

100% data security

  • Being a US corporation, we adhere to the same data protection laws that you do
  • Non-solicitation and non-competition agreements to make it absolutely safe
  • Top-notch security at offices, computers and networks
  • Trained and responsible staff who are fully aware of the importance of data security

100’s of happy clients since 2004

  • We have helped 100’s of companies since 2004
  • We will offer ideas for improvement of the process
  • All the process will be documented correctly for future use

Staff with years of bookkeeping experience

  • Bookkeepers and accountants handpicked from top universities
  • Good English language skills for easy communication
  • Many of our team have post-graduate and chartered accountancy degrees
  • Responsible management team with directors based in the USA

Integra: Your safest bet for bookkeeping outsourcing

When you decide to outsource, you will obviously get the cost savings from every outsourcing service provider. But, is that sufficient enough? You also need to establish the 100% trust with your partner. You will get the trust only if there is a good level of transparency.

That’s what you can expect and will get from Integra. You will get an outsourcing partner who offers you absolute transparency and thereby gain your trust.

Integra: Your trusted bookkeeping outsourcing partner

By choosing Integra, you don’t just get an outsourcing provider. You get an outsourcing partner whom you can trust 100%. We as a partner clearly understand that outsourcing is a not an easy journey for you. It is not easy because outsourcing is usually associated with several fears.

There are fears such as communication issues, cultural difference, and ability of a foreign worker to understand your requirements, language barrier, data confidentiality and so on. The good part is we know all about these fears and have helped several businesses to overcome these fears since 2004.

We will work closely with you to remove all your fears. We will make bookkeeping outsourcing a really rewarding experience.

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