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What is your outsourcing strategy?

There are 2 reasons why you want to outsource your bookkeeping

  • You want to reduce your bookkeeping costs
  • You don’t want the hassle of hiring an in-house bookkeeper

Outsourcing bookkeeping to cut costs

You plan for this when bookkeeping is costing you a lot of money and time but is not adding value to your business. When cost cutting is the primary reason for outsourcing your bookkeeping, you can use any one of following options

  • Your own offshore bookkeeper(s)
  • Pay as you go bookkeeping

Your own offshore bookkeeper(s)

When you want closer control

Using this model, you can hire your own bookkeeper at your outsourcing partner’s office and the bookkeepers would be managed by your partner. If you have a team of bookkeepers then roles will be assigned for each staff and a manager for setting up and overseeing the work. The cost of offshore bookkeeper is cheaper by about 50%.

Pay as you go bookkeeping

Just get bookkeeping jobs done cheaper

You can outsource the bookkeeping tasks on a fixed or hourly price based on your exact need. You don’t need to worry about who does the work, as long as the job gets done on time and within the budget.

Outsourcing bookkeeping to get away from the hassle of hiring

For several businesses, there is no reason to have an in-house bookkeeper when it can be better managed outside. There are various functions in a business that can be managed better outside. Some examples are bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, new age marketing (Google Adwords, Search engine optimization), Website design and so on.

In this case, the strategy for you is to look for specialist outsourcing providers who can guarantee the results within the specified time.

What is the best outsourcing strategy for you?

You make the choice, based on your specific need. If your need is bookkeeping on budget, then we can definitely help you. We have a local team in USA to make it easy for you to plan. We have several years experience and have served clients from all across USA. We have the served clients from multiple industries and have helped them to cut their bookkeeping costs by 50% or more. Not just cutting costs, but we have brought accuracy and clarity to their accounts.

If you wish to join the list of our happy clients, please get in touch with us.

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